Monster’s University

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So, when I picked up Joci from school the big box with the painting you gave me was still in the Tahoe – I didn’t have time to drop it off at home. She crawls in and goes “whoa, what is this?”. I tell her it’s a painting that you gave me. Then Jonah chimes in, “it’s for Monster’s University” (I told him you gave it to me for our anniversary).

Neatly arranged oranges


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You know all those verses in the Bible that, when referring to hell, talk about “moaning and gnashing of teeth”?

That’s what I think of sometimes when I listen to the kids playing outside on the trampoline. They sound so brutal and mean. They growl at each other like the zombies on The Walking Dead.

My random thought for the day.

Sleeping Beauty

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Dad thrown under the bus

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Me: Did Dad get pizza for you last night?

Jonah: Yes! (singing) And we got to eat downstairs! And it was a pizza party! How come YOU never do a pizza party?

Later in the day…

Me: Did you eat all the pears yesterday?

Jonah: Yes! And Dad didn’t wash them.

Me: Really? Doesn’t he know better than that?

Jonah: He just likes them better when they’re dirty.

Cuticle Oil

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Jonah just brought me a bottle of cuticle oil (looks like a small bottle of nail polish)…

Jonah:  “Mom, what is this?”

Me: “That’s cuticle oil. Do you want me to put some on your cuticles?”

Jonah: (embarrassed giggles) “Where are my cuticles?” (more laughter)


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When Jonah finally staggered out of the bedroom, the very first thing he said in his scratchy little voice was this…
“Dad’s gonna get Cloudy and a Chance of Meatballs 2… We made a deal.”

Pick up

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We said… Pick all your toys up off the floor.



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I wear undies… And socks.



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When we strolled by the baby aisle in Target today, Jonah murmurs under his breath… “I hate baby stuff”


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I’m not sure when this was from but obviously it’s been a while. Oli must be 1ish… So around the 2008 timeframe.


I don't know what it is, but I don't like it.